It is said that Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Therefore to be prepared at all time and to offer a perfect quality of service we have process in place. These processes have been time tested and tried over the last 20 years of our working experiences and are evolving every day as we learn more from our customers.

We follow the steps listed below from the time of inquiry to the completion of the work.

The below are the steps in the process that we follow from the time you call us to inquire to the completion of the work.

The below are the steps in the process that we follow from the time you call us to inquire to the completion of the work.

Step 1

Discovery and Needs Analysis

We interview the client user and buyer and understand the needs to match it to the best possible solutions

Step 2

Site Survey

We visit the site or review the drawing and matches the want and the correct infrastructure needed to support the selected system

Step 3

Design Development by PDS Team

Our design team then develops and designs the product with the client’s need in mind.

Step 4

Verification Interview with Client

The design is presented to the client for approval to verify that design is as per expectations and suited to fulfil his needs.

Step 5

Proposal Development PDS Team

A proposal is developed to include pricing, system description, and scope of work and terms of conditions for work. We also provide references from other clients

Step 6

Proposal Presentation to Client

Our Strength lies in presenting the proposal to the client in person to explain the technicalities and to ensure maximization of client satisfaction.

Step 7

Modification and Finalization

After presentation and review of the design we make the necessary modifications if needed. This three-step process of Design approval ensures that the client is satisfied with the design, the Product and the Time Schedule, making working with PDS an exceptional experience.

Step 8

Purchase Order by Client

PDS then receives the Purchase Order by the Client to go ahead with the project.

Step 9

Client Registration and Payment Terms Setup by PDS Team

The Client is then registered with PDS and Payment Terms are set up By PDS team.

Step 10

Project Start by PDS Team

The PDS Team almost always starts the Project on the mutually agreed dates and ensure that all requirements are met prior to the start of the project.

Step 11

Project Completion by PDS Team

We do have a record of completing most of our projects on time.

Step 12

Client Training by PDS Team

PDS then provides training to the client, to familiarize with all the features and ensure client satisfaction.

Step 13

Operations & Maintenance Manual Submission by PDS Team

The operation and Maintenance Manuals are explained and handed over to the client by PDS team.

Step 14

Handing Over and Sign Off by client

Only after testing and ensuring that the client is satisfied does PDS hand over and sign off with the client.

Step 15

Maintenance and Service by PDS Team

(OEM warranty on all equipment and 90 days’ warranty on Install)

Step 16

PDS offers Maintenance and Service Team

As a warranty on all equipment as per manufactories terms and offers a 90-day warranty on Install.

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